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October 24, 2011


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OK, I have no research to prove any of this, but that seems never to stop the mainstream media, so here goes.

I wonder if we would be having so many terror and insurgency problems if we had won in Vietnam.  Korea was a draw, but Vietnam was the first war the United States actually lost.  Even though we had the North Vietnamese on the ropes (this can be proved by letters, interviews and government documents of the North Vietnamese government)  we lost the political will to carry the war to a victorious conclusion.  We had then, as we do now, leaders who can’t lead, a military hierarchy that is afraid of the political consequences if they allow their troops to fight to win, and a citizenry who are at best apathetic and at worst openly hostile to the efforts of the military even as poorly conceived as those efforts might be.

I had hopes that the, as I call it, Vietnam syndrome that had so horribly weakened the military leadership of the United States would be cured by our victory over Iraq, but, again, the political leadership did not have the intestinal fortitude to press that fight to its logical conclusion, which even further weakened the resolve of both the military and the citizenry of this Country.  And I lay this at the feet of the anti-war claque of the 1960’s.

Those anti-American, anti-military anti everything but their own profit (yes, folks, the leaders were supported by the Soviet government.  There are KGB documents to prove this) basically destroyed the faith of their generation in the United States and its military.  They made it impossible for this Country to press on to total victory.  These people meet the legal definition of traitors to their Country and should be tried as such, and if convicted, shot.  But that will never happen.  As seen in just the past few days,  our present leaders will take any path to peace, even though that path will lead to even more terrorism, death and destruction.

I have no hope any longer for the future of this Nation.


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  1. I think that the anti war and hippie movements have had a graver effect on this nation than most people will understand. This nation will most likely never recover… I just hope that my children and thier generation can bring it back.

    Comment by Sean Carl Martin — October 24, 2011 @ 01:07 | Reply

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